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Virtual Forest Inside (VFI)
By Crony

Truly the most sophisticated air purifying, positive ion fighting machine ever made in such a compact and well designed unit. This USB device is made specifically for those who are in front of monitors all day. No wonder they are beat by the end of day. Computer monitors by their nature, produce millions of positive ions, which pollute the environment around the computer & sap your energy. The closer you are to the monitor the higher the concentration of positive ions.


The Crony - Virtual Forest Inside (VFI) fights the pollution by three mechanisms:
1- Anions- Negative Ions: Generating negative ions through a software controlled switch which adjusts the number of negative ions produced from about 100,000/cc to about 500,000/cc.
2- UV Light: Using UV light to destroy viruses, bacteria, fungi, mold spores and active micro organisms.
3- TiO2: A grid embedded with TiO2: When UV rays strike titanium dioxide (TiO2), they cause a photo-catalytic reaction decomposing organic materials to CO2 & H2O.

A software contolled fan can be turned on to distribute more negative ions when needed or turned off when not necessay.

Installation is simple by connecting the VFI to the USB connection of your computer and uploading the program from the CD.

Our CD also has additional software to help manage your day and your incoming email by providing :
Announcement when an email is received
Event reminder & notification system

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