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We provide a no questions asked money-back guarantee on all ashtrays for sale because we sell only products that we have tested and are confident of their quality. We sell air purifiers, ionic smokeless ashtrays, marble ashtrays, smokeless ashtrays with filters, outdoor ashtrays, windproof ashtrays, pocket ashtrays and more.

Smoke Trap Ionic smokeless ashtray (patented)

Eliminate second hand smoke and its nasty effects. Advanced negative ion technology makes this smokeless ashtray a cut above the rest! Filterless and Noiseless. Use the included car adapter plug to connect it to cigarette lighter plug. You may buy a cheaper noisy "smokeless" ashtray and continue paying for expensive filters and large batteries, but you won't get a better one.
r use this innovative product as a negative ion generator or an air cleaner. It produces over half a million negative ions per square centimeter. These healthful negative ions are generated into the air and help freshen the air and the environment. Model Sk009.

Specially useful for inside car or truck cabs.

Negative ion generation & operation No fans to break down, no messy and expensive filters to replace. Leave it on 24/7 for a healthier environment.

Power Options:
Cigarette lighter car adapter (included).

2 "AA" Batteries (not included).

12 volt A/C adapter (not included, available below).

Smoke Trap Ionic Smokeless Ashtray

Smoke Trap smokeless ashtray -- the best in the market

Convenient Size

Smoke Trap Package

Ionic Smokeless Ashtray
Package (with AC Adapter)
This Smoke Trap Ionic Smokeless Ashtray Package comes with an AC adaptor, so you can connect it to the house hold current without using batterries. This smokless ashtray uses the same proven negative ionic technology shown above. Model SK009+.

Smoke Trap Ionic Smokeless Ashtray Package

Smoke Trap smokeless ashtray with ac adaptor included.Smoke Trap smokeless ashtray with ac adaptor included.
Smoke Trap Package (includes AC Adapter)

Extra AC Adapter (Wall Transformer)

Wall Transformer -- No need to buy batteries, get an extra wall transformer for every room you want to smoke in. How about one for work?

A/C adapter, wall transformer for smokeless ashtrays
Extra AC Adapter

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