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We provide a no questions asked money-back guarantee on all ashtrays for sale because we sell only products that we have tested and are confident of their quality. We sell air purifiers, ionic smokeless ashtrays, marble ashtrays, smokeless ashtrays with filters, outdoor ashtrays, windproof ashtrays, pocket ashtrays and more.

Cleo Mood Swing Smokeless Ashtray with Extra filters

Cleo Mood Swing Smokeless Ashtray has a removable cover. Change the cover color to fit your mood or your decoration.

This unique large capacity smokeless ashtray comes in two interchangable pastel color covers. Quiet motor draws smoke into the super absorbent activated carbon filters, removing smoke and odor. The easy clean Bakelite ashtray insert is heat resistant and dishwasher safe. comes in black with tow covers in pastel green & blueish violet and uses two "C" batteries (not included).

By Arret Systems Arret Systems Air Purifying Systems
Exchangeable tops for Cleo Mood Swing smokeless ashtray.
Cleo Mood Swing smokeless Ashtray
Model SA177
Cleo Mood Swing smokeless ashtray with pastel green cover.
Includes 4 extra filters
Cleo Smokeless Ashtray
Filter SA177F

Filter for Cleo Smokeless Ashtray - sa177F
Additional filter packs
Filter for Cleo Mood Swing Smokeless Ashtray - SA177F
Original super absorbent activated carbon filter for Arret Systems SA177 Cleo Mood Swing smokeless ashtray. Comes in a box with 4 filters.

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Our air purifiers are designed to remove smoke and smells from the environment you smoke in, regardless of size of the area or amount of smoke generated. This is accomplished through an industry proven process where negative ions generated inside our air purifiers are broadcast into the room. These weightless negative ions attach themselves to any air borne particles throughout the room, such as smoke and nicotine particles, dust and allergens, etc, and render them harmless. Smoke particles will no longer attach themselves to curtains and walls or settle on your clothes or furniture. Smoke will also not travel through open doors, ducts, cracks and reach your neighbors or loved ones. Your air then feels lighter and smells fresh as if you are standing by a waterfall.

Our list of smokeless ashtray products from ionic smokeless ashtrays to filtered smokeless ashtrays is one of the best in the industry. Used in professional locations as well as homes and offices to remove smoke from cigars and cigarettes and to remove the threat of second hand smoke. Smokeless ashtrays used in combination with the air purifiers will keep your air healthy and clean.

Use our commercial quality windproof ashtrays indoors or out by your pool and see how effectively cigarette butts and ashes are kept inside when windy. The two-piece design cuts down on odors and keeps cigarette butts and ashes inside and out of view. The built-in snuffer holes make it quick & easy to extinguish your cigarette and save it for later if desired. These ashtrays are used by cruise lines, hotels and resorts, keeping tables clean and ashes from blowing around in the wind. They are also dishwasher safe.

Our marble ashtrays and marble boxes are meticulously handpicked for quality and beauty. All marble ashtrays and marble boxes are made from natural stone formations and will vary in grain and color. These are truly beautiful pieces and each one is unique.

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