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We provide a no questions asked money-back guarantee on all ashtrays for sale because we sell only products that we have tested and are confident of their quality. We sell air purifiers without filters, ionic smokeless ashtrays without filters, marble ashtrays, smokeless ashtrays with filters, outdoor ashtrays, windproof ashtrays, pocket ashtrays and more.
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Ionic Smokeless Ahtrays

Smoke Trap SK009 Ionic Smokeless Ashtrays
Smoke Trap Ionic Smokeless Ashtray Package SK009+ $31.95
Capture SK008 Ionic Smokeless Ashtrays
Capture Ionic Smokeless Ashtray Package SK008+ $46.95

Your choice of noiseless / filterless smokeless ashtrays


Indoor / Outdoor Ashtrays

Outdoor 5 inch Square windproof Ashtray
Outdoor Windproof Ashtray
Outdoor Ashtrays Outdoor Ashtray $75.95 TAL486 Pewter Pyramid Ashtray for cigarettes
TAL486Pewter Pyramid Ashtray
Nebula Marble Ashtrays
Nebula01 Marble Ashtray $24.95
Outdoor Round 5 inch Windproof Ashtrays
Outdoor Windproof Ashtray $9.95

Many selections of ashtrays

Filtered Smokeless Ashtrays

Dome SA31S Smokeless Ashtrays
Dome Sensor Smokeless Ashtray SA31S $24.95
Cleo SA177 Smokeless Ashtrays with Interchangable Tops
Cleo Smokeless Ashtray SA177 $21.95
Oscar SA228 Smokeless Ashtray
Oscar Smokeless Ashtray SA228 for cars and boats $16.95
Holmes HAP75 Smokeless Ashtray
Smoke Grabber Smokeless Ashtray HAP75 $23.95

Many selections of smokeless ashtrays with filters

Clean Room© Bundle
Clean Room Bundle1 -- Capture SK008+ Smokeless Ashtray Package and Biozone PR05 Air Purifier Bundle
Includes a Capture Package & a BZ_PR05 unit
$ 519.95

Get our "CLEAN ROOM© Bundle" and banish smoke, tar & its side effects. "Bundle" comes with a "Capture" package, our top of the line ionic smokeless ashtray to remove smoke at its source and a the newest "Biozone PR05", our 500 square feet ionic air purification and air filtration system to remove exhaled smoke. Larger sizes also available.

You save $10.00 over purchasing them separately. Click here to read more or buy. Click here to read more on this Bundle option
Ionic Air Purifiers
Biozone PR05 Room Air Purifier
BZ_PR05- Room Air Purifier
Biozone PR10 Large Room Air Purifier
BZ_PR10- Large Room Air Purifier
Biozone PR20 Meeting Room Air Purifier
BZ_PR20- Meeting Room Air Purifier

Use one of the selections above to completely purify the air in your environment 
Other Smoking Accessories
Ash Cache SA199 Ashtray
Ash Cache Ashtray
Steel Pocket Ashtrays
Steel Pocket Ashtrays
Cig Cache Holder
Cig Cache cigarette storage

Keep your environment clean

Pyramid Ashtrays
Pyramid Ashtrays
Pyramid ashtrays in two sizes and two designs

Your choice for decorative, well disguised, ashtrays. Hieroglyphic figures cover these well designed and quality built pyramid shaped ashtrays. Available in large and smaller versions use these as, hidden ashtrays, decorative pieces, to store jewelry or precious stones or to store memories.
Outdoor Ashtrays
Outdoor Ashtrays
Outdoor Ashtray $75.95
Attractive, outdoor cigarette / cigar disposal ashtray designed for ease of use. Light weight when wanted, it is ideal for businesses, backyards, picnics, camping, boating, and beach - or to keep outdoor living areas clean and rubbish-free. It is odor free and easy to empty and clean. Take it to any outdoor activity or event camping, tailgating, to a picnic, or the beach.

Well made outdoor ashtray for your business, backyard or pool side

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Differences between ionic and filtered smokeless ashtrays:
Smokeless ashtrays are designed to remove smoke and odors given off by cigars & cigarettes to keep smoke from polluting surrounding air. They filter out smoke returning fresh air.

Indoor smoking, causes inside air to become stale and unpleasant for others and causes smoke particles (tars & nicotine) to attach to everything including your furniture, drapes, walls, hair and clothes. If you are smoking inside a car, truck, van or mobile home, the same thing happens. This happens because smoke particle are positively charged as they leave the cigarette and are attracted to negatively charged surroundings.

With a smokeless ashtray, you can comfortably smoke indoors without smoke escaping the ash tray. Just turn on your smokeless ashtray and the smoke and odor are greatly reduced.
There are some unscrupulous sellers who claim a regular ashtray removes smoke somehow. So they call their ashtrays smokeless. Actually far from it, since removing smoke requires some active process and there are currently only two ways of doing it, filtered smokeless ashtrays and ionic smokeless ashtrays.

Filtered Smokeless Ashtray:
This is an older technology and is more economical. Harmful smoke laden air is pulled through a filter by a fan and clean air is returned out. The normally small low noise fan is designed to run at a specific speed. Too fast and the cigarette will burn down. Too slow and the smoke will escape. Therefore, the major differences between these ashtrays are capacities of the ashtrays for ash and butts and the sizes of the fans and the volume of air they can process.

1- Generally a fan will suck more smoke into the ashtray than an ionic smokeless ashtray.
2- Lower initial price.

1-Fans while being fairly quiet are not silent, so if you are sensitive to noise this type may not be right for you.2-Filters need to be replaced (at a cost) or cleaned.
3- More energy hogs because they use a motor.

You can see varieties of filtered smokeless ashtrays here Filtered Smokeless Ashtrays.

Ionic Smokeless Ashtray:
Ionic smokeless ashtrays are much newer and are designed to continuously generate negative ions. These negative ions immediately attach themselves to the positively charged smoke particles and force them to bond to the positively charged inside of the ash tray where they can be cleaned easily. Extra negative ions escape from top of the ashtrays and provide additional benefit for purifying the air. That is why we recommend leaving your ionic ashtray on 24/7 for a healthier environment.
How ions work in an ionic smokeless ashtray Advantages:
1-There are no filters to replace or clean.
2-There is no fan so the unit is completely silent.
3 Negative ions clean the air of smoke and odors and provide fresh, outdoors smell.
4- Very energy efficient Generally cost less than a penny per day to run.

1- Because ionic smokeless ashtrays do not have a mechanical motor, they capture and remove smoke as it rises. So they are not effective in breezy conditions.
2- For the same reason above, these ashtrays have less air flow (since air flow is not a requirement for ionic ashtrays, these ashtrays are still better than filtered ashtrays and are more effective in removing smoke).
You can see varieties of ionic smokeless ashtrays here Ionic Smokeless Ashtrays.

Our list of smokeless ashtray products from ionic smokeless ashtrays to filtered smokeless ashtrays is one of the best in the industry. Used in professional locations as well as homes and offices to remove smoke from cigars and cigarettes and to remove the threat of second hand smoke. Smokeless ashtrays used in combination with the air purifiers will keep your air healthy and clean.

How air purifiers work:
There are basically three types of air cleaners / air purifiers on the market; passive, active and a combination of the two (we are using air cleaners and air purifiers interchangeably here to simplify the explanations). Passive air cleaners clean the air inside the unit. Active air purifiers do it on the outside. And the combination types try to do both.

Passive Air Cleaners:
These units generally use some type of filter to remove the contaminants from the surrounding air by drawing the contaminated air with some kind of motor or a suction fan. The larger the fan and the motor the more air they can draw in through the filter for cleaning. While these units work for some applications if they are sized to match the environment they are in, they are useless for others.
For example: smoke, especially cigar and cigarette smoke, unlike other smokes such as from burned toast, is sticky, full of tar & nicotine particles and spreads very rapidly throughout any open areas. You have to have a monster passive air cleaner to draw that smoke in to be removed by the filter. It just happens that as you move away from a suction type air cleaner, its suction ability drops significantly. For example, if you have ever touched the end of a vacuum cleaner hose, you can tell how strong the suction is right at the end of the hose. Moving your hand away a few inches or a foot and you can hardly feel the suction. Can you imagine the suction needed to draw in smoke from 5 away?
You may have seen ads where a passive air cleaner is inside a small glass cage full of smoke. The unit is then turned on and within minutes smoke is gone. First, the unit itself is large enough to occupy a significant part of the volume in the cage reducing the effective volume inside the cage and amount of smoke to be removed. Second, the unit is engulfed in smoke which is hardly the case for most smoking occasions. Third, they do not show you the speed setting or if that is an actual unit or modified with much larger fan and motor unrealistic and probably very noisy for most applications.
Even if everything is kosher, could you possibly smoke in such an small and enclosed space?
By the time these kinds of air cleaners draw any amount of smoke, the damage is done and the particles of tar and nicotine have traveled and settled on all surfaces. As you notice, we are not even discussing the types or cost of filters since it is immaterial at this point.

Partially Active Passive Air Cleaners:
There are some units that are filterless and do the cleaning by using negative ions and depositing the smoke particles on baffled metal surfaces inside the unit. Even without a fan, because of the natural movement of negative ions, there is some air flow causing some polluted air to be pulled inside these units. However, in most cases, the inside baffles must be taken out (big hassle) and cleaned regularly (even bigger hassle) for them to be even partially effective. These units, with or without a suction fan, have the same issues and problems discussed above. Unless you are sitting right next to these units and are blowing your smoke into the cleaner, smoke will disperse faster than the unit has the ability to capture it.

Active Air Purifiers:
These units accomplish the cleaning on the outside of the unit, not necessarily right next to the unit but many feet away. This statement appears to be counter intuitive. How could this be done? Well, that is a good question. Among many features and functions, these units generate negative ions and then blow out or broadcast these ions into the area by a simple fan. Since negative ions are weightless, they travel far with no effort and attach themselves to pollutant particles in the air. Please note that no ozone is needed here to accomplish this task. Also, negative ions are very healthy for us because they neutralize the bad positive ions. These units, by the nature of the technology involved, do not need to be large and cumbersome. The power of the unit is determined by the negative ion generator engine inside. The newest models use a very compact process to achieve this.

Our active air purifiers are designed to remove smoke, secondhand smoke, and odors from your environment, regardless of size of the area or amount of smoke generated. This is accomplished through an industry proven active process where negative ions generated inside our air purifiers are broadcast into the room. These weightless negative ions attach themselves to any air borne particles throughout the room, such as smoke and nicotine particles, dust and allergens, etc, and render them harmless. Smoke particles will no longer attach themselves to curtains and walls or settle on your clothes or furniture. Smoke will also not travel through open doors, ducts, cracks and reach your neighbors or loved ones. Your air then feels lighter and smells fresh as if you are standing by a waterfall.

What are the benefits of windproof ashtrays
Windproof ashtrays, in one form or another, have been around for many years. They come in many shapes, designs and sizes and despite some claims, are not smokeless. The major advantage of these windproof ashtrays is their ability to keep ashes or cigarette butts from blowing around, into the pool or on your food or clothes, even in reasonably strong windy conditions, hence called windproof ashtrays or outdoor ashtrays. Since, they also hide ashes and cigarette butts, they are also used indoors making the smoking areas a lot more pleasant, not only for the smoker but for the rest of us.

Our commercial quality windproof ashtrays are used indoors or out by your pool or patio and are very effective in keeping cigarette butts and ashes from blowing around when windy. The two-piece design cuts down on odors and keeps cigarette butts and ashes inside and out of view. The built-in snuffer holes make it quick & easy to extinguish your cigarette which can be saved for later if desired. These ashtrays are used by cruise lines, hotels and resorts, keeping tables clean and ashes from blowing around in the wind. They are also dishwasher safe.

Marble Products:
There are a lot of marble ashtrays and boxes available in many sites. Most of them are made of different colors of commonly available, not particularly distinctive marble. There are some made of faux marble, composite, or man made marble materials with some small percentage of real natural stuff. The problem is most of these sites still price them similar to the real genuine marble or stone.

Our marble ashtrays and marble boxes are meticulously handpicked for quality and beauty. All marble ashtrays and marble boxes are made from natural stone formations with distinct patterns and will vary in grain and color. These are truly beautiful pieces and each one is unique.


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